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How to Wash your Dog and Save Water

With the severe water restrictions in the Western Cape, people have had to seriously restrict their water usage. Cutting back on washing, watering the garden, filling the swimming pool, even taking baths. Washing our pets have become somewhat of a luxury. Fortunately, Jaguar Products, a fibreglass manufacturer in the Western Cape has developed and stylish new product for rainwater harvesting in Cape Town. Often the most common inquiry we get from canine owners is ” which is the best product to use for washing my hound?” and also “Do I wash once a week or once a month?”. Well, these are good questions because keeping your your puppy clean is an essential step up the grooming process. Without a clean coat the end result isn’t the same. Here are a few advice on what shampoo you should utilize. For dogs which can be white or have multi colors the very best shampoo to make use of is often a brightening shampoo. Most brightening shampoos are blue in color. Here is a great tip, if you have a dog that’s extremely dirty or greasy you should use Dawn liquid dish detergent, it also is great around the pads with the feet. For dogs who have dried-out skin, you want to use a moisturizing shampoo that contains oatmeal, tree oil or even green tea extract mint.

I personally love the Fresh ‘n’ Clean oatmeal shampoo. It makes the coat turn out so nice and it provides a great scent. For dogs which might be very responsive to products, you want to make use of a hypo-allergenic shampoo. When a dogs skin is readily irritated you don’t want to make use of anything which has a scent or perfume. For dogs that have extremely bad skin you will need a medicated shampoo of some kind. If your dog has fleas, you need a flea shampoo along with a quick note about the flea shampoo. Wait a minimum of 48 hours after the bath to apply a topical flea prevention product, including frontline.

You can purchase a couple of clippers online or in a store. A quality kit should have different guards to the blade where you can customize the length of the trim. You should also possess a couple of scissors, leash and collar, as well as a sturdy surface to operate on. Use towels or sheets to make tidy up easier, or operate in a fairly easy to comb area.

The strength of your relationship while using dog will readily reveal when the time comes to formulate obedience commands like sitting, staying and training it to find you. Your relationship is a key factor in your efforts to solve behavior problems like chewing, excessive barking or digging problems.

Depending on the length of time your canine spends on sidewalks and other rough surfaces, your dog’s nails might be kept naturally short. A personal protection dog that spends time and effort accompanying yourself the road might not exactly necessarily need their nails clipped whatsoever. However, it is a wise decision to keep your canine familiar with the routine of clipping. Whether you have a German Shepherd, a Belgian Malinois, or even a Dutch Shepherd, the operation of nail trimming seems the identical. It doesn’t take long, and it’s relatively simple to complete. Thanks to Jaguar Products innovations in rainwater harvesting and sleek range of rainwater tanks, we can now wash our beloved dogs without contributing to the water shortages in Cape Town.

While you can find great bonuses with styling your own personal dog’s hair, it is important to do not forget that you will want some skill when working with grooming a dog shears. It is best that you simply hold them within your hand and use working together with them when you try it on your own dog. Once you feel you have had enough practice and confidence, then you’re able to start working them on your own pet.

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