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How to Wash your Dog and Save Water

With the severe water restrictions in the Western Cape, people have had to seriously restrict their water usage. Cutting back on washing, watering the garden, filling the swimming pool, even taking baths. Washing our pets have become somewhat of a luxury. Fortunately, Jaguar Products, a fibreglass manufacturer in the Western Cape has developed and stylish new product for rainwater harvesting in Cape Town. Often the most common inquiry we get from canine owners is ” which is the best product to use for washing my hound?” and also “Do I wash once a week or once a month?”. Well, these are good questions because keeping your your puppy clean is an essential step up the grooming process. Without a clean coat the end result isn’t the same. Here are a few advice on what shampoo you should utilize. For dogs which can be white or have multi colors the very best shampoo to make use of is often a brightening shampoo. Most brightening shampoos are blue in color. Here...