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About PFI – Who is the PFI?
The Pet Food Industry (PFI) Association is a non-profit body formed by manufacturers, dedicated to upholding quality standards that ensure the nutritional well-being of household pets. Representative of 80% of the pet food market in South Africa, each member commits to manufacture and market food that meets internationally accepted standards as set out in Act 36 of 1947. The Department of Agriculture’s Regulatory Authority manages Act 36.

Pet food is randomly and regularly purchased by the PFI, and submitted for independent analysis. If the food does not meet the registered requirements, the manufacturer is reported to the Registrar of Act 36 for legal action.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding pet food, or for more information about the PFI, contact Barry Hundley, Executive Director of the Pet Food Industry Association (PFI) on +27 (0)33-343-2874 or e-mail him on pfi-sa@iafrica.com.

The PFI Mission Statement
PFI Members commit to promoting a quality oriented Pet Food Industry in Southern Africa, which is recognised by Consumers as having the nutritional well-being of household Pets as its prime concern.

Who belongs to the PFI?

These companies and brands are members of the PFI:
AFGRI Veevoere Jock, Lek-a-Lik
Aquanutro Aquanutro
Avi-Products Avi-Plus, Top Dog
Bokomo Feeds Trusty
Borbely Trading Technopet
CJ Maize Mills Doggie Delights
Complete Dog Food Complete
Digestive Feeds Checkout, Mighty Bites, Winston
Ensemble Trading Master’s Choice
Jax Manufacturing Wagtail
Hill’s Pet Nutrition Hill’s Prescription Diet, Hill’s Science Diet
IAMS South Africa Eukanuba, Eukanuba Veterinary Diets, IAMS
JCW Petfood York, Warrior
Martin & Martin Bob Martin, Lopis, Marpet, West’s Beeno
Master Foods SA Kit e Kat, Pal, Pedigree, Whiskas
Nestlé Purina Alpo Full Course, Alpo Husky, Alpo Vitagen, Beggin’ Strips, Butch, Epol CatzDLite, Expert’s Choice, Fancy Feast, Felix, Felix Lickens, Friskies, Friskies Fine Cuts, Friskies Pamper, Olympic, Proplan, TBonz
Nola Bobcat, Bobtail, Bonzo, Catmor, Dogmor, Optimizer, Scientific Veterinary Diets
Noordfed Brakanjan, Fultum, Highland, Superior
Oceana Brands Happy Pet, Lucky Pet
Petfood Caterers Good 4 U, Menu, Zest
Promeal Boss, Chat, Petley’s, Scott’s, Top Cat
Royal Canin South Africa Royal Canin, Vets Choice
Woolworths Nutrition First