A paving the solution to your Dog feces problem


Pet owners love their pets, they even treat them like part of the family. But dogs and those uninvited, can cause serious damage to your lawn as feces and urine which causes dead areas and burned spots. Your grass mite recover in time but sometimes it will have to be reseeded. So if you planning on having a green, manicured lawn it will not be easy with your beloved pets around.

Instead we here at Pro Brick a paving company in Cape Town has a solution for you which works, instead of picking up dog poo and reseeding your dead grass patches all you have to do would be to pave the area of your home with a variety of pavers which we have available, you choose. With cement pavers all you have to do is wash it off with water and all your worries will be gone. People come up with all this funny “solutions” to keep dogs from doing their thing on your property which does not work instead you will be prolonging the frustration and the disappointment of all these funny “solutions” people come up with.

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